Business Funding 101

Business Funding is primarily revenue based or credit-based. For a business just starting, revenue-based lending is impossible. Therefore, the primary focus of this article is attracting 5 to 7 figures of funding WITHOUT documented business revenue. And, as you will see in the Aged Corp process, without credit score documentation either.

Personal Funding Works

There is a difference between business funding and funding you use for your business. If you simply want to use personal credit and are 650 FICO or stronger, then there are plenty of options which dont require income proof or even a business license. Moving on to programs that are specifically for those with a business license, we see that some educate you and give you a recipe for increasing the fundability of your company while others do it for you...


To attract credit-based funding, you can strengthen your business credit profile and to in most cases your personal credit profile.

Strengthing a business credit profile can be done for you (DFY) or you can learn to do it yourself (DIY). If you want to learn the nuts and bolts and do it yourself, Marco Cabajo's system is the best I've found. The product speaks for itself and Marco Cabajo needs no introduction. But as a busy business owner myself, I doubt many busy business owners will take the time to do it themselves. So let's focus the remainder of this article on done-for-you approaches to credit building.

Done-for-You (DFY) Where Personal Credit Is Involved

In a done-for-you business funding option, it's done-for-you totally - no BS of filling out forms, signing forms, etc. All you do is furnish some personal details once and let the funding agents do the rest. A 680 FICO is the minimum if the business funding requires a personal guarantor and 730-750 is where the banks are tripping over each other to lend to you with no business revenue needed.

You should expect 5-figures of funding within 30-45 days and an ongoing boost of capital towards 250k over 12 months with 0% APR payments for the next year!

The gold standard for hands-off funding is Fund & Grow. After thoroughly evaluating them, look around and see if you can find anything better. I consider myself open-minded and am a fan of evolution and improvement, but very few outfits are going to be able to combine all of their talent, professionalism and simplicity in one place.

Done-for-You (DFY) Where Personal Credit Is *NOT* Involved

When I told my friend on Telegram that I had paid $6,200 up-front to attract 250k in LOC and 1MM in Real estate funding, this is what he said:

and understandably so. Most people offering this service do not have a track record or cannot attract large amounts of capital. The millionaire society that I am a part of has completed this process 94 times. There are very steep success fees on your funding at AgedCorp (30%) and a nominal referral fee of 2%. But the back-end investments provided by the same organizations make the process worth the cost.